A Fisherman's Tale

Shaun is a young man who has suffered with Leukemia for several years. Fishing is his passion and always forgot about his health troubles when he was concentrating on catching fish accompanied by his family and friends. Shaun admired and looked up to Matt Hayes and didn't miss one of his TV programmes, learning new ideas as he watched. Shaun's dream was to spend sometime with Matt Hayes and acquire some more techniques along the way.

We at the DREAM TEAM were able with the help of MATT HAYES, his team and his friends Ed and June Brown who kindly lent us their private lake for the day. Shaun and his family had a fantastic time and as a special treat MATT generously presented Shaun with one of his RODS. We were happy to see such an incredible and very brave young man come alive by the passion and desire to go fishing with his idol.

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