Meeting Manchester United

Rhys is a young man who is suffering with a brain injury. He is such a strong and lively character, he never gives up, and smiles at tomorrow waiting to see what it will bring. Rhys's love is football and his dream was to meet the players of Manchester United especially Paul Scoles and David Beckham before he left to join Rea Madrid. The Charity and, of course the help of the Manchester United team, were able to make this dream come true for him and his family. We arrange for them to spend a weekend in Manchester staying in the Tulip Hotel, the hotel frequented by the players, as well as watching a football match and meeting all of the team players who all generously gave their time to meet Rhys and have their photographs taken with him. Rhys could not believe the fact that he was spending a little bit of time with his idols. All of the family had a fantastic time and took home happy and memorable memories for the future.


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